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Other Services and Products

Here is another selection of quality services and products we deliver with passion.

Artwork Reproduction

Do you require the best fine art giclee print reproductions?

To copy your original artwork, you will need to turn your original into a digital file. We can create an extremely high-quality digital file from your artwork

Our premium art copy service offers:

Copying your artwork and making a high-resolution digital file.

Make calibrated adjustments to the digital image file to closely match your original.

Reprint onto various archival cotton papers and canvas.


Pop into Photopro NOW to discuss this further.

Photo of reprinted Sonia Miers artwork at Photopro.
Photo ordering kiosks in Photopro. 477 Ruthven St Toowoomba Qld 4350

In-Store Photo Ordering

Quality Photo Printing

Photos from mobile or memory card.

Order photos with assistance when required. Prints, posters, photo books (coming soon).

At Photopro, a skilled professional does all the photo printing, checking every photo and manually optimising to the best potential.

Only premium papers and industry-leading inks are used to ensure your memories will last for generations to come.

Slide Scanning & Printing

Quality conversion of 35mm slides 

Our service can revive your old 35mm slides to a digital file format. Photopro provides a slide scanning service, enabling you to view your 35mm slides on the latest gadgets such as mobile phones, televisions, photo frames and tablets.

Alternatively, make a lasting print on our archival photo paper to share or frame for everyone to enjoy.

Pop into Photopro NOW to discuss further.

Kodachrome Slide and Lightbox

Quality Australian Made Frames

Beautiful Aussie-Made Frames

We have a vast range of instore. Made in Melbourne using the most sustainable resources where practical.

All the Classic White and Black frames as well as many contemporary styles in Real Aussie Oak, pewter, gold and distressed look timbers. The range is ever-changing.

Come in and grab an Aussie Made product today.

Photo of 35mm film being scanned on a Noritsu scanner

Print & Negative Scanning

Film negatives conversion to digital

Photopro provides you with the best film negative scanning services and helps to preserve your memories forever.


All 35mm film negatives are scanned with one of our amazing Industry leading Noritsu scanners. Using ICE technology removes scratches and dust minimised without degradation of the image.

Every negative is viewed and optimised to its best potential by one of our professionals. Create a digital snapshot of your memories before it's too late!

Pop into Photopro NOW to discuss further.

Image by Gabriel Petry

Video to USB or DVD

Are your old tapes and Movie reels fading away?

Get them into Photopro NOW, before it's too late!

Have them preserved on a modern platform today and avoid the risk of losing them forever.

We can transfer VHS, DV Mini,, 8mm Video, 8 &silent movie reels to DVD, USB or Harddrive.


Pop into Photopro NOW to discuss further, or alternatively drop them into the post direct to our store.

Photopro 477 Ruthven St. Toowoomba Qld 4350

Photo Manipulation

Something you need to change in your photo?

Come see us and have a chat about your project.

Want to remove an old boyfriend from a family photo?


We can recolour, remove people, add people and many other requests.

Do you have something you'd like to discuss? We're here to help; come chat today.

Photo restoration by Photopro
Image by CURVD®

Photo Gifts

Perfect Personalised Photo Gifts

Wow your friends and family with a unique photo gift - and so easy to make! Photos are treasured but often just stored on our mobile phones or computer. At Photopro, our premium personalised photo gifts are an excellent option for making the most of your favourite snaps.

Your phone is already packed with photos of fun and laughter. Add them to one of our high-quality personalised gifts for smiles that last for years to come.

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