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pronounced “gee-clay or zhee-klay”

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Make a fresh start, frame that moment. Relive the memory.

Image by Dan 7th

What's a Giclée Print?

If you're a photographer, artist or art collector, you may already

know that Giclée fine art printing is the gold standard for producing

museum-level quality prints. But what exactly is Giclée?

Why is it superior print technology, and why should you use it to

reproduce your print-on-demand artwork?

Where does the term Giclée come from?

It's a French word/term for a nozzle or jet to spray out.

The term Giclée — pronounced gee-clay or zhee-Klay — was initially coined by printmaker Jack Duganne in 1991. Today, it describes fine art printing using pigment-based, archival quality inks manufactured on advanced inkjet printers.

What images are best suited to Giclée printing?

Giclée comes into its own in the production of wall art, where customers are very discerning and want top quality that lasts. This longevity is a crucial differentiator because the type of archival inks used on Giclée printers won't fade when displayed in normal conditions indoors; colours will retain their brilliance for a lifetime.

Other benefits to using Giclée?

The speed benefit is outstanding. The turnaround time can be done within a short window and ready to hang in no time. Great news for artists or entrepreneurs selling prints via eCommerce stores, as your customer can receive their photos within 24–48 hours of placing an order. 

What about paper stocks?

We have a fantastic range of archival media such as Smooth Cotton Rag, Artist Cotton Texture, Gold Fibre Gloss, Smooth Pearl & Various Canvas stocks. All heavyweight items exude that premium feel in the hand. 

Do I have to be a professional or an artist?

Absolutely not! If you appreciate quality, you'll love our Giclée printing.

Whether it's something special for yourself or a client, this is genuinely a delightful product that simply lasts. In fact, up to 200 years in the right conditions!


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