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Matte Canvas Wrap

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Your Beautiful Matte Print on a Solid Wood Stretcher Frame

Sumptuous Canvas Print

Do you place much value on having a stylish and warm atmosphere in your home? A professionally printed photo on traditional canvas combines a warm look with simple elegance. The unique matte surface texture gives your picture a lively, tactile charm.

Have faith in Photopro producing you a premium print valued for its rich, luminous colours. We use a highly sophisticated industry-leading aqueous Inkjet printing technique which is much better for print longevity than many of our competitors, enabling the pictures to maintain their brilliance for decades. Our photo canvas prints are wrapped on solid timber stretcher frames. The photographs are sealed in ultraviolet, waterproof coatings, making the image waterproof and smudge-proof. This special coating substantially reduces the risk of early degeneration that plagues our cheaper competitors.

Come to Photopro and let us advise, or jump on our website and follow the prompts.

Image by Bianca Ackermann
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